DuckDuckGO vs Google Secure online privacy

DuckDuckGO vs Google which is better | Tips & tricks | Secure online privacy

We all think that Google is the worlds best search engine. Google knows everything about almost every person in the world. There is one more search engine DuckDuckGO which Secure online privacy. In this blog, I will tell you DuckDuckGO vs Google which is the better Search engine.

DuckDuckGO vs Google Secure online privacy

why DuckDuckGo is better than Google?

 Secure online privacy

DuckDuckGO vs Google

  1) Secure online privacy

  • Most search engines collect search information, with Google even linking that information to your account.
  • The recorded information is employed to modify your search results, and to indicate your targeted advertising.

DuckDuckGO vs Google Secure online privacy

  • The main highlighted feature of the DuckDuckGo search engine is it Secure online privacy.
  • DuckDuckGo never traces your browsing history.

  2) !bangs (the special feature)

  • !bangs are short commands you’ll be able to type into DuckDuckGo to search another website while not having to 1st visit it.
  • You can use them by typing an punctuation mark (sometimes known as a “bang”), followed by a shortcut for the website you wish to look.
  • !Bang commands perform your searches directly on other search engines.
  • Sometimes you know you want to go directly to another site to search, and these commands save you steps in doing so.

DuckDuckGO vs Google Secure online privacy

  • For example, suppose you wanted to search for ‘bags’.
  • In that case, you could just enter ‘!a bags’ into DuckDuckGo and we’ll take you right to the correct search results page on
  • If you’ve adjusted your region in the Settings menu, your !bangs will automatically direct you to the site for that region.
  • For example, if India is selected in the Settings, then !amazon will go to

  3) Instant Answer

  • If you search anything through DuckDuckGo search Engine Or if you ask any question.
  • You will get a direct answer on the search results of DuckDuckGo.
  • You don’t need to surf any website for any questions.
  • If you like all these instant answers but don’t want to leave your favorite search engine.
  • you have to just download the DuckDuckGo extension on Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  • Now whenever you search, you’ll see DuckDuckGo’s instant answers above search results in any search engine.

  4) A customizable design

  • you can customize the layout of the search engine.
  • DuckDuckGo also offers users to customize the search screen to your liking.
  • You can customize anything from size and color of fonts, background colors to set.
  • You can save your settings to the cloud so you can restore them any time.

This all are the important features of DuckDuckGo search engine

There is some small feature also of this search engine & DuckDuckGO vs Google.

watch below video to know all these features and why it is better than google.

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