7 Useful Software Computer based Free Computer Software

5 Useful Software Computer based | Free Computer Software | Every computer user must know

This post is helpful for everyone Because everyone uses a computer in daily life. In a computer, there are so many features which we can’t use because we don’t have software to run these features. This Free Computer Software helps to solve so many problems from your computer. In this post, I will give you detail information about this 5 Useful Software Computer based and link for downloading this software.

5 Useful Software Computer based Free Computer Software

5 Useful Software Computer based

Free Computer Software

  1) Lock or hide your personal folders

  • So many times in your laptop & computer there are some folders which are most important for you.
  • Anvi Folder Locker this Free Computer Software helps you to secure your personal data.

Click here to download Anvi Folder Locker 

  • Below I uploaded a video in which I have shown how to use this Free Computer Software easily.



  2) The alternate software of MS Office (WPS Office)

  • We all use MS office for creating presentation, bills & letter pad etc.
  • This MS office is paid licensed software.
  • We have to buy product key of MS Office. which is so much costly.
  • That’s why today I will give you the best alternative Free Computer Software WPS Office.

Click here to download WPS Office

  • Open this link and download this software by just clicking on download button.

  3) install any driver of your computer in a single click

  • This one is most important Free Computer Software in the list of 5 Useful Software Computer based so read it carefully!!!
  • Sometimes there are issues that some drivers are missing from our computer.
  • This software helps you to download any kind of driver in a single click.

Click here to download driver pack solution

  • See below video which will help you to use this software.

  4) Share your desktop skin with anyone

  • 4th one software of this list of 5 Useful Software Computer based & this is my personal favorite Free Computer Software.
  • This software will help you to connect 2 computers.
  • This Free Computer Software name is TeamViewer.
  • TeamViewer is proprietary computer software for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

click here to download TeamViewer

  5) hide your privacy on the internet (free VPN)

  • This is the last software in the list of 5 Useful Software Computer based & you will amaze to see this one!!!
  • This software is helpful for everyone because we use the internet 24 hours.
  • There are so many websites which are non-secure we access in our daily life.
  • Some of this website track your location which is dangerous for our self-privacy.
  • I have 1 solution to this problem which is the most common software Opera mini.
  • Opera Mini have free VPN  service which will help you to h8ide your privacy from malicious websites.

Click here to download Opera mini

So guys this are the 5 Useful Software Computer based and link for downloading this Free Computer Software.

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