5 Tattoo Style rules

5 Tattoo Style rules that you must know | tips to select best tattoo

Every teenager always has the dream to tattoo on their body. Choosing a tattoo can be stressful because in future it will become part of your body. Making the wrong decision can be painful, costly and inconvenient. 5 Tattoo Style rules that you must know before getting yourself in this is your ultimate tattoo guide. If you are thinking of getting inked read this post till the end.

5 Tattoo Style rules

5 Tattoo Style rules

  1) Safety & Selection

  • When you are going to select a tattoo artist or a tattoo parlor always go for the experience.
  • Study the past work make sure that they’re an experienced tattoo artist & very importantly don’t chase money.
  • If you try saving money go too wrong tattoo parlor chances are that you might even catch an infection.
  • Make sure they are using a clean needle and even the environment that you are getting your tattoo in it should be clean.

  2) Correct position

  • only gets a tattoo in a spot of your body that can be covered with a normal suit.
  • What I mean by that basically don’t get it on your neck on your face on your head on your hands & on your feet.
  • Anything that suits cover if you get a tattoo within that area that’s all right. .
  • A lot of times fields like medicines or engineering tattoos are not appreciated.

  • If you feel like the tattoo that you are gonna get is gonna affect your career then seriously think again of getting a tattoo.
  • safest way you should follow Tshirt rule.
  • All your tattoo should be hidden by your t-shirt. If you want to get something that exposed make it minimalistic.

  3) Tattoo Vetos

  Rule no. 1: No names

  • you can’t get your boyfriend/ girlfriend wife or husband name because you never know what the future holds for you.

  Rule no. 2: Never get tribal designs

  • these are completely out of fashion. It’s not the early 2000s.
  • If you really want to get some kind of design gets something very intricate something very detailed.

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  4) choosing a design

  • Ideally always go minimalistic that’s the way world of tattoo evolving right now. The minimalistic tattoo looks fantastic.
  • You have got to remember that whatever you are getting it should look good when you have your clothes on.
  • Anything you try to get inked it has to have some meaning & you need to think of it for 3 months before actually getting a tattoo.

  5) Significance of Tattoo

  • When you are thinking of getting Tattoo you have got understand that it’s also got the spiritual significance.
  • Anywhere you go people are gonna ask you about it only after you get your first started do you understand the permanence of it.
  • Your Tattoo should motivate you.
  • Don’t ever get a tattoo that reminds you of a sad situation in your life.

So guys this are 5 Tattoo Style rules that you must know before getting tattoo on your body…

If you have any douts or suggestion comment down below…

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