4 Facebook settings change immediately

4 Facebook settings change immediately right now…!

Hii guys!!! Everone use facebook account for an entertainment purpose. In this blog, I tell you about 4 Facebook settings change immediately right now to limit the amount of data you share with Facebook, and to prevent Facebook tracking to a large extent.

4 Facebook settings change immediately

4 Facebook settings change immediately

  1) Check Apps & services

  • You will surprise to see how many numbers of apps and services are connected to your profile.
  • It’s important to remove these apps to secure your data.
  • open your facebook account settings & then click on apps & websites.
  • There you can see apps & services connected to your Facebook account.
  • If you don’t use any of that application remove that app.
  • So this will stop collecting your data from Facebook.

4 Facebook settings change immediately4 Facebook settings change immediately








  2) Limit information ( friends share about you)

  • One thing I would surprise to find out was when your friends access apps and services they can leak your data from Facebook.
  • I have one way which will help you to stop this thing.
  • open your Facebook account settings, click on apps & websites then scroll down.

4 Facebook settings change immediately

4 Facebook settings change immediately right now...! 1


  • click on Edit button.
  • Here you can change the data which you don’t want to share.

  3) Manage Facebook application permissions

  • In Facebook application make sure that you are not giving permission of using telephone, microphone, SMS & contacts.
  • If you already gave this permission you can remove this permission from the application settings.
  • Similarly, in the messenger application, you have to do the same things of removing permissions.

Watch below video to know more in detail

  4) Miscellaneous

  • There are some other things you can do to ensure that you can share the least amount of data from Facebook.
  • Firstly, don’t log in with the Facebook account with any third party application or website.
  • If you want to log in make sure that you should check which data you are providing to that third party.
  • If you ever use Facebook and allow to share contact you will find the entire contact on Facebook.

click here to see how many contacts are share by use & delete it.

So guys this are the 4 Facebook settings change immediately right now…! 

If you have any douts comment down below…

Happy vootpooling…



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